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Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

It is estimated that 17 million seniors in the United States spend Valentine’s Day alone every year. We, at VIP America, decided 2 years ago …


Why We Do NOT Celebrate Client Recognition Week


Celebrate Home Health Care Heroes

“Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to our eyes. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow …


Remember When: Reminiscence Therapy and Alzheimer’s

We have all had those times sitting around the table after a meal with family or friends remembering the fun and fond memories, telling stories …

A Call for Help! Good nutrition is one of the key factors of good health. As a society we recognize the importance of good prenatal care with proper diet for healthy infants. We fund healthy lunch programs for school age children because we know how important good nutrition is for learning to take place and it may be the one meal some kids get. There is another age group that is just as vulnerable, seniors, especially low-income seniors. The National Council for Aging Care lists eight challenges to quality nutrition for seniors: • Decreased sensitivity – smell, taste, appetite • Medication side effects • Poor dental health • Lack of finances • Lack of transportation • Physical difficulty • Memory Loss • Depression Because of the recent challenges of COVID-19 an extremely important program addressing Senior Nutrition and Hunger in our own community has been hit with a major volunteer shortage. Meals on Wheels (MOW), a service of The Council on Aging of Martin County needs our help and many of us have wondered how we can give back during this time! MOW is a ‘lifeline’ to the isolated, homebound, and frail, low-income seniors needing this essential meal and daily wellness check to stay safe, healthy, and connected. I have seen firsthand how important this service to these precious vulnerable people. How can you help? There are several volunteer opportunities associated with the program to choose from: Kitchen, crate packing, route sheets, bread pick up and meal delivery. How can you get started? Contact Curletha Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator at 772-223-7829 or email her at You can go online, and download a volunteer application or scroll down under ‘Volunteer Opportunities’ and select ‘Meals on Wheels’ to find out more about the program and how to get started. The staff and volunteers with the MOW program are warm and dedicated group of individuals. They will give you all you need to get stared. Your reward will be the connection with the many seniors who benefit from this important community program. Blog

Nutrition and Seniors During COVID-19

A Call for Help! Good nutrition is one of the key factors of good health.  As a society we recognize the importance of good prenatal …


Helping Seniors Deal with Hurricane Season Post COVID-19

If the forecasters are correct, the 2020 Hurricane Season will be very active. That is not good news for Floridians already weary from COVID-19 and …


Training Our Youth and Ourselves to Save Lives

How can we protect the seniors and immune vulnerable in our lives during the cold and flu season and now the COVID-19 Pandemic?  By practicing …


Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is a devastating event, no matter how old you are. The way we choose to deal with our loss and the …


Hurricane Preparedness

“Confidence comes from being prepared.”  – John Wooden As we prepare for catastrophic weather conditions, VIP America Home Health Referrals provides all our clients with …