Caregiver Selection

One of the most essential pieces to procuring assistance in your home, whether for yourself or a loved one is the individual who will be providing the care. It can be a daunting task finding that right professional caregiver. There are so many elements to consider when identifying that person and like anything else, it’s about finding the proper attributes and skill to care for your loved one.

VIP America takes care of some of the guess work for you and then works along side you to identify the right type of caregiver. Each caregiver is screened and the selection process meets Florida’s regulatory body, the Agency for Healthcare Administration, standards in addition to some criteria we’ve added to ensure best practices.

All caregivers must:

  • Pass a local background check from county of residence as well as level 2 clearance through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI.
  • Have a valid and active drivers license in order to be able to transport.
  • Have a current and active Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse License, or a state approved Home Health Aide Certification.
  • Be current on state required trainings such as CPR, HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens, Alzheimer’s, and HIPAA.
  • Present a clear and current physical examination from their physician.
  • Carry a professional liability insurance policy.
  • Pass an exam pertaining to their specific job duties.
  • Provide professional references.
  • Submit an application giving us better insight into their unique experiences, professionalism and strong points, as well as any special skills they may possess that would lend to a higher standard of service and professionalism.
  • Stay current on all state required documents, trainings, and certifications for the duration of their registration with VIP America, LLC.

The second piece to identifying the best possible person is sitting down with you, the client, and identifying your specific needs and wants. After this complimentary registration visit has been completed, we use the information obtained in both parts to present you with registered caregivers who have responded to your specific request. 

You can schedule to meet and interview the caregiver or schedule a working interview.  Your care and services are based on the care plan and schedule you develop with your caregiver. 

A client services representative is available around the clock to answer any questions or changes you might need.  Whether it is finding a new caregiver or someone to fill-in while your regular caregiver needs time off, we are here.  When care needs change we can assist you with identifying a caregiver from our registry pool who can be referred to meet those changing needs.