Helping Seniors Deal with Hurricane Season Post COVID-19

If the forecasters are correct, the 2020 Hurricane Season will be very active. That is not good news for Floridians already weary from COVID-19 and the Stay Safe at Home regimen. It is likely that our residents will face a hurricane head on in the next few months.

I am urging everyone to prepare now. Stock up on your standard hurricane supplies. Make a kit. Make sure your insurance policies are up to date. Plan ahead as to whether you will evacuate or stay at home.

With the pandemic still upon us, odds are many of us will be told to shelter at home as an alternative to evacuating out of state or going to a shelter. Local emergency officials will make the final decisions on what course of action to take.

As a solution to help the overburdened elderly in our communities, VIP America is asking you to find a senior citizen or couple in your neighborhood. Get to know them if you do not already. Most importantly, talk with them about their options should a hurricane threaten.

Talking to seniors is something we do each and every day as we help them select the best home health care solutions and assist them in finding a qualified caregiver to provide them assistance. The caregivers we recruit provide a full range of services from medical support and skilled nursing to homemaker services, transportation and companion care. The level of care is determined by precisely what is needed on an individual basis for each client.

Talk to and take a senior citizen or couple under your wings. Post-coronavirus circumstances are pretty confusing right now and there are still many scary situations endured by the elderly. But you can calm their fears and help them make the right decisions should a hurricane threaten.

And, if you discover your seniors need the kind of help, we provide, we are here to help you both weather the storms that life may bring.

Need assistance in the comfort of your own home? We can find help.

VIP America takes care of the guess work and helps you identify the right type of caregiver for you or your loved one. Discover the difference today.