Hurricane Preparedness

Confidence comes from being prepared.” 

– John Wooden

As we prepare for catastrophic weather conditions, VIP America Home Health Referrals provides all our clients with a list of recommended supplies during hurricane season.


Direct Energy is one of many sites that offers a complete list of recommended supplies to keep on hand during a storm/hurricane.  The VIP list of recommendations are as follows:

  • Flashlights with batteries (More then one flashlight is recommended) with extra batteries)
  • Extra Batteries (Have on hand before a storm hits)
  • Water
  • Generator (if you do not own a generator and plan to stay home, please review list carefully
  • Fill bathtub with water for bathing. Keep door closed if you have fur babies.
  • Fill washer machine with Ice and coolers if you have one. The ice in the washer machine will melt and drain.
  • Have extra candles and lighters on hand (be careful with candles as they are not the first choice for safety reasons).
  • If you own a dog, purchase SOD from home depot or Lowes and place on top of plastic for your dog to use during storm. Recommendation would be to place in garage if you have attached garage. 
  • Fill extra large bowls of water for your animals
  • Lanterns are like candles and not a first choice due to safety but good to have as a back-up using responsibility for safety to prevent fire. It is recommended to use with caution and not for long periods at a time.
  • Gather all important documents such as birth certificate, mortgage information, insurance information, deed to home etc. This should be placed in plastic or other secure covering to protect documents.  If you have a POA, they should have copies of all documents or close family/friend in the event there is damage to documents. 
  • Purchase food and drinks, water for yourself and your animals a head of time to prevent the rush in the stores. Many stores sell out before you get there so pre-planning is important.
  • Pack a “to go bag” in the event you must move to a shelter. This should include change of clothing, bathing supplies, medications, water, snacks, personal flash-light, blanket, pillow and all other personal supplies such as glasses, hearing aid etc. Bring your important documents with emergency phone numbers and cell phone if you have one. Bring phone charger and make sure phone is always fully charged.  If you do not have electricity, turn phone off and only turn on when necessary to preserve battery.
  • Extra hearing aid batteries
  • First aid kit examples; band-aids, Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment, Advil or Tylenol or other that you can take, ace wrap or bandage, Q-Tips are just a few examples.
  • Do your laundry prior to losing power! Make sure dishes are done and you are ready if power goes out.
  • Have plenty of ice! You should have enough ice to keep your food cold with the assumption you may be without power for a few days.
  • Table top grill with propane (extra propane) for easy cooking during a difficult time.
  • Make sure all lose items in yard such as garden figurines, porch furniture etc. are moved to a safe place.
  • Extra bags (example; grocery bags) for waste products.
  • Extra toilet paper, paper towels
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Dry, canned and packaged foods
  • Fill gas tank
  • Cash on hand

My fox hurricane will also give you daily updates on hurricane with other local news channels. It is important to watch the news so you can better prepare for inclement weather conditions.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding hurricane preparedness, please feel free to reach out to VIP America Home Health Referrals for a basic list of recommendations or, if you need home care services.  VIP America offers home health service in Naples, and surrounding areas, so that families may stay with their loved ones during a hurricane and bring piece of mind to families.

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