Why We Do NOT Celebrate Client Recognition Week

This week is reserved to celebrate something that should be celebrated every week: Client Recognition Week. The official recognized holiday is better known as PATIENT Recognition Week, but here at VIP we offer families a chance to become a CLIENT by referring quality caregivers that can provide the care that’s needed to maintain your independence and control over your home care needs. To be able to continue referring quality caregivers, we rely on our clients’ and/or families to provide us with as much detail as possible concerning what you are seeking in a referred caregiver. Before we elaborate on our referral process let’s take a closer look into the history of this week.

Patient Recognition Week Beginnings

Typically, the observed holidays pertaining to the health industry recognize the healthcare professionals themselves. Twenty-five years ago, John O’Malley created Patient Recognition Week- which falls on the first week of February. He was a healthcare worker himself and felt it was important to recognize the many patients that healthcare workers cared for. His goal was to ensure that patients were recognized as the single most important aspect of healthcare.

VIP America Makes Every Week Client Recognition Week

On average, caregivers see three different clients, per company, per week which make weeks like this even more important. It allows a chance for you and your caregiver to evaluate your needs and if they are being met. Caregivers want to provide the best in home services possible. They went through the necessary training and certifications because they truly care about you and your independence.

That is why we pride ourselves on promising families the VIP Treatment. This all starts with the initial call made to our company seeking a referral. You might have simply Googled “in home nursing care near me” or “home health care provider” and discovered VIP America. When you take that important initial step and call us to refer a caregiver you instantly become apart of our family. Below are testimonials of past clients’ loved ones exemplifying the quality of in-home care they received from a referred caregiver from us:

How We Provide VIP Treatment

The VIP Treatment is our way of celebrating this observed holiday every week. We work alongside you to identify the right caregiver for your needs with a few simple steps.

Step One:

We guarantee you and/or your loved one seeking care a face-to-face meeting with a VIP representative within 48 hours.

Step Two:

The VIP Representative will complete a complimentary registration visit that covers more details than most of our competitors by identifying your specific interests in a caregiver based on your needs and personal interests.

Step Three:

Based on the information you provided at the registration visit, our experienced client services team will contact you with the details on the professional caregiver candidates who have responded to your specification. You can request an interview with the referred caregiver to alleviate any doubts or worry you may have before they start assisting you.

Step Four:

We promise you around the clock service to answer any questions you have or changes you may need to make. We have someone available to you 24/7. Whether it is finding a new caregiver or someone to fill-in while your regular caregiver needs time off, we are here.

If you have ever felt while being a patient at a hospital, or maybe a short-term rehab stay, that your voice was not heard, then rest assured that your voice to us is not attached to a number. Your voice is attached to your name, you as an individual, and you as a human. That is why VIP does not celebrate Patient Recognition Week. Celebrating that would make the other 51 weeks in a year seem like you are not recognized. We prefer to celebrate Client Recognition Moments by sharing the moments you experience on this journey as our moments and recognize each of them individually as they happen; not just one week out of the year.