The Benefits of Working for VIP America

You've chosen a career in home health care. Congratulations! We believe that this industry is one of the most rewarding fields of personal and skilled care there is. Senior care in south and central Florida is a high demand field. With opportunities abounding it is important you align yourself with a company that fits your unique needs.

As a certified nursing assistant or home health aide you will find you have a few different opportunities available to you. We would like you to consider VIP America as one of those opportunities. For multiple reasons professional aides, nurses and caregivers have found VIP America to be one of the best companies to register with when seeking new work referrals.

VIP America is very selective in the home health care workers it registers and selects to receive client referrals. Some of the benefits of registering with VIP America are:

  • Flexibility of Schedule - Whether you're looking for a few hours on the weekend to supplement your full-time job in a senior assisted living facility or you would like to be a live-in companion, we offer a wide variety of scheduling options.
  • Unique Client Referrals - Many caregivers have been able to diversify their resume and work experience with the client referrals they received through our nurse registry. The client roster is diverse with everything from babysitting cases, dementia/Alzheimer's care, developmental disability cases and skilled nursing referrals.
  • Family Atmosphere - As a family owned and operated company we believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. It's been a long-standing belief that the caregivers are clients too.
  • Competitive Rates - Disbursement rates are competitive with other Florida home care companies. As an independent contractor you enjoy the benefits of a registry that recruits client cases for you but the flexibility of being your own boss and deciding which assignments you will accept. You control your future and your income!

If you have questions about registering with VIP America, call our office today!