Credentialed Vs. Non-Credentialed Aides

Credentialed versus non-credentialed aide

Mary was your uncle’s next-door neighbor. About 10 years his junior, they got along well and bonded over gardening. Sadly, when your uncle fell and needed a hip-replacement last year it was harder to navigate in the yard. As the compassionate person she is, Mary offered to help tend to your uncle’s herbs and vegetables while he was recovering in the rehabilitation center. Fast forward to today and Mary’s care has gone from the garden to that of a companion homemaker for your uncle bordering on almost 15 hours week.


Seems ideal doesn’t it? The sweet senior lady next door helping the elderly loved-one with declining health. You don’t have to worry about whether or not he will fall in the grocery store trying to navigate the aisles alone and the laundry is done regularly. For a while it goes on without incident and everyone is blissfully happy with the arrangement.

What about when his health worsens? Is Mary strong enough to assist with ambulation? Can individual with osteoporosis herself handle transfers in and out of cars and wheelchairs indefinitely? Who is setting up his medication box? Are you sure it’s being done properly?

When entertaining home health care and who should be providing that care, it is important to research the elements involved in hiring a private aide versus employing the services of a professional nurse registry to refer professional caregivers.


 Private Aide  Nurse Registry Referred Professional Aide
 May be more cost effective  Most likely higher hourly rate
 You determine schedule  You determine schedule
 You must find last minute replacement for call-off’s/emergencies  Large pool of caregivers available for last minute/emergency referrals
 No background check, references unless pursued by you  AHCA Level II background check, professional references checked
 No coverage for job related accidents  Required by VIP America to have their own professional liability insurance policy
 May or may not possess training or certifications  Must have a home health aide certificate and/or discipline free, active certified nursing assistant license
 Private aide can choose whether or not they will take beneficial trainings and courses such as CPR and assistance with self-administered medication  Caregivers referred through a registry are required to keep current on several trainings including Universal precautions and CPR
Services available will depend on individuals capabilities  VIP America can refer many different services including: Skilled nursing, live-ins, companion, personal care and many more.

Not all private aide situations will be negative, and for some it is simply the only option from a cost standpoint. However, nurse registries offer many benefits that individuals needing home health care will find invaluable to their quality of life. 

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