Aging at Home and the Advantages for Seniors

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends”

– Author Unknown

Home is where you build memories and feel at peace. You can be yourself and feel in charge of your own decisions while feeling safe and secure in an environment that is familiar. Aging in place and its benefits include in-home medical visits which may also include in-home private care. Home is a place that you have spent your entire life building and making memories with your family. Here are some advantages of aging in place.

Feeling Safe

We all want to feel safe and comfortable which comes from familiarity. As the saying goes, there is no place like home. What can we do as a family member or caregiver to help our loved one feel comfortable and safe?  It is important to reach out and know your trusted resources that can assist you with keeping your loved one at home. Someone with experience and knowledge to assist you through the process.

Being Happy is Important

The National Institute on Aging discusses aging in place and growing old at home in their May 1st, 2017 review.  There are many good tips and resources here for our readers.  Being happy is a number one priority.  Let’s get educated!

Encourages Independence

Living at home gives a sense of security which encourages independence longer when in your own home. It is important to decide your own schedule of when you would like to bathe, eat, go grocery shopping etc. If you take away daily decisions such as meals or bathing time, that can encourage a senior to “give up”. If any of us lose our independence, this also can have other serious effects that can lead to further emotional and physical debilitation.

Quality Experienced Home Care Providers

VIP America Home Health Referrals is a family owned and operated licensed home care registry, established in 1997. VIP is known for its quality home care services that are affordable to families of all ages. VIP works with our families, so all you should have to worry about is taking care of your loved one. VIP America has earned its reputation for quality care and support that can only come from family! Each of VIP’s branches, such as the experienced staff offering home health care in Naples, and surrounding areas, values the support and knowledge from our nurses.  You will be assigned your own personal representative with a nursing background which is imperative during the intake process.  Ask about our customized “care cards”.

Need assistance in the comfort of your own home? We can find help.

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