A Thank You to Our Caregivers

How do you appropriately thank a professional caregiver? What words can express the sincere gratitude of a family who observed the hard work of the women and men who cared so diligently for their loved one for so many years? It is as complex an emotion as the relationship between caregiver, client and family is.


This is a relationship so professional in nature that quickly evolves into such a personal experience. While your association with our family may have begun out of necessity and as a business transaction, you soon took your place in our home and our hearts. You cared for a man who meant the world to us and so your efforts soon held a special place in our hearts.

We watched you day in and day out sustaining the dignity of a man who valued his privacy. It was always important to our beloved that he hold on to his independence for as long as possible. Your expert care made that possibility a reality.

On days where his battle became too much and grieved our hearts heavily, you continued to bear his cross and march forward. You alleviated his burden. You allowed him to remain at home, surrounded by his family. Your vigilance carried out his care in the way determined best by the love of his family.

Above all else – you loved him as your own. Your passion, your effort and your dedication even in moments of frustration spoke to that love. For all this and so much more, we respect, admire and love you.

Our family extends our deepest and sincerest gratitude as insufficient as it may forever be. Lastly our condolences, for you feel our loss too. Forever the remembrance of your service will be in our hearts.

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